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Our Story

est. 2015
In the Heart of Downtown Dayton
by Owner, Juanita Darden
"The People's Coffee House"
serving beverages named in honor of Dayton legends


Third Perk Coffeehouse is dedicated to delivering extraordinary guest experiences that go beyond the conventional boundaries of food and beverage service. Our mission is to empower our community by providing a haven for creation, exploration, and engagement. We are committed to a customer-driven approach that goes hand-in-hand with our core values of quality, authenticity, and social responsibility.


At Third Perk Coffeehouse, we envision a future where we are not just Ohio's premier coffeehouse but a dynamic hub that transcends boundaries, fostering meaningful connections and diverse cultural exchanges. Our vision is to be a catalyst for inspiration, innovation, and inclusivity, cultivating an environment where individuals come together to celebrate their unique stories and contributions. We strive to be the heartbeat of the community, pulsating with creativity, warmth, and unparalleled experiences.

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